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Bountyhive is the most complex and fully featured blockchain Bounty Platform – facilitating the connection between ICOs & Bounty Hunters. 

You can see how much time is left, which ICO is the most popular and how much is allocated to each Campaign. 

Check through the listings and pick your next ICO to participate in!

The industry is moving fast, and you need a partner that can put you up to speed.

Bountyhive strength lies in the unique and proven knowledge of our team, thanks to which we’ve helped emerging startups raise more than $500,000,000 in funding.

Through our broad range of services and custom-tailored strategies, we can take care of all the hassle, ensuring you can focus on what’s important — your product.

Verified Participants

Your participants are constantly monitored to make sure your campaign is performing at its best. No spam or lousy work.

Real Time Stats

Get access to a special dashboard of your campaign’s real-time statistics, without the hassle of creating an account.

Payment Distribution

Payments are swiftly distributed through a dedicated smart contract, ensuring everyone gets paid in time.

Bounty Variety

Our platform lets you seamlessly pick and choose which options you’d like to include in your custom campaigns.

The Experience All Hunters Deserve.

It’s time to leave the current obsolete solutions behind and enter the world of bounty hunting 2.0.

Employing a completely automated system, we let you focus on what’s important and not lose time with redundant posts, daily reports and lack of support.

Bountyhive takes care of all the hassle, offering unmatched 24/7 support, instant payments and ensuring the validity of brands, letting you get back to what’s key – earning rewards.

Trusted Campaigns

Brands have to pass multiple tests before being accepted, eliminating fake campaigns and unpaid work.

Fast Payments

Receive your tokens as soon as the campaign finishes. No more 2+ weeks waiting time for payments.

Bounty Hunters First

Noticing the struggles of joining bounty campaigns using other solutions, we created an intuitive experience, specifically with hunters in mind.

Refer Friends

Refer your friends to Bountyhive and earn Ethereum each time they finish one of their campaigns, forever.

Want to create a Bounty or Airdrop for your project? Check out our Bounties section and Airdrops section and find the right platform for it.

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