Cobo Wallet – Grow and Protect Your Crypto With POS

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The future of crypto wallets, Cobo is here. Safely manage and earn your crypto wealth all in one wallet

Cobo Wallet is a Trusted Proof of Stake Investment Vehicle. 

Deposit your Proof-of-Stake assets and receive staking payouts on the coins you hold, conveniently all in one app.

All-in-One App for Your Digital Assets

All-in-One Wallet

Cloud Wallet & HD Wallet.

Multi-Currency Platform

Supports 20+ chains and 700+ tokens.

Reward Investment

Digital asset growth tools for PoS and PoW coins.

Dapp Store

Cobo hosts and empowers some of the most popular global dapps.

Custody Service

Crypto asset custodial services for institutional clients.

Joint Custodial Service

Cobo Custody works with clients to jointly secure and control their assets with a comprehensive array of multi-signature authorizations.

Pure Custodial Service

Assets are safely secured in hot/cold storage, accessible via a tailored policy and verification process determined by the client.

Custody API

We offer REST API supporting wallet services for over 30 main chains and 700+ tokens. Make it easy for all types of developers to build on our platform, including cryptocurrency exchanges, token funds, payment platforms, asset-backed lending platforms, DApps, and other projects.

Cobo Vault

Crypto assets are stored offline, the most advanced ways of security to protect your assets.

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