CoinBundle – Invest in bundles, not individual cryptos


One click. Dozens of cryptos. Zero service fees.

In CoinBundle, bundles let you invest in dozens of the right cryptocurrencies with one click. Each bundle is carefully crafted by experts to match your investment needs and preferences, whether its your risk profile or your beliefs.

Investing has never been so simple

CoinBundle is built to match the needs of investors at all levels of expertise.

  • The simplest and most user friendly interface in the industry
  • A variety of payment methods including credit/debit cards and individual cryptocurrencies
  • Free and secure custody of funds in partnership with Kingdom Trust
  • A range of investment options to choose from according to personal preferences

Invite your friends

Earn $5 for every friend who invests at least $100 on the CoinBundle platform. You can invite as many friends as you like, you reward is not limited!

Share your unique invitation link with your friends through social networks, email, or messaging platforms. You and your friends will both get 5 USD when they invest at least 100 USD on the CoinBundle platform.

Zero service fees

Invest and grow your savings up to 20% faster by avoiding service fees. Only pay 3.5% transaction fees on credit/debit card deposits and zero fees on crypto deposits.

Bundles you can trust

Our team of crypto and finance experts analyzes the market for you to carefully construct bundles with the right coins that match your investment preferences.

Funds protected and insured

Funds are stored securely and insured against theft with Kingdom Trust, the global leader in alternative asset custody.

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