CoinMetro Ambassador Program is LIVE!


WHY should I become a CoinMetro Ambassador?

  • You can earn a total of up to 23% commission from your referred clients depending on your level of influence.
  • All Ambassadors also get a chance to win a generous monthly prize pool – 2% of all Ambassador fee commission.
CoinMetro Ambassador Program
  • The best part? You can promote as much as you like!

To get the ball rolling, we’re throwing 15,000 XCM into the monthly prize pool! You’ll need 5 active direct referrals to claim a ticket, and each Ambassador can have a maximum of 10 tickets each month. (NB. a direct referral is one that makes at least one trade incurring fees).

The Ambassador Raffle draw will be held on the first Monday of each month – for the previous month – and winners will be contacted by email.

HOW do I become an Ambassador? It’s EASY and FREE! All you need to do is: 

  1. Have a CoinMetro account that’s successfully passed our KYC verification process;
  2. Log in to your account
  3. Click on the Ambassador icon in the top bar of the GO! Platform
  4. Copy your unique referral link and start pushing people to sign up, do their KYC and trade!

New to crypto? Seasoned hodler?

Professional trader? CoinMetro has you covered. We built our exchange to be user-friendly for every kind of user. Buying crypto takes just a few clicks. Advanced charting, analytics and investment tools are also available through our trading dashboard.

While CoinMetro is more than “just an exchange,” our exchange is pretty awesome. We offer high leverage, low fees, rewards for market makers, advanced order types, and a truly unique infrastructure designed to foster the growing market for tokenized assets. Our user interface is easy to navigate, making basic transactions incredibly fast and simple. Integration with an advanced charting library makes our trading dashboard highly customizable and offers a robust toolset for technical analysis.

Develop, tokenize, and launch in a few clicks.

CoinMetro’s ICO Express framework is a turnkey solution for businesses and companies looking to launch their own digital token. Totally customizable, scalable, and highly secure, our blockchain infrastructure is the perfect launchpad for company ICO’s.CoinMetro’s team of senior engineers will formally review all aspects of token sale proposals, including project feasibility, idea novelty, financial justification, and legal compliance. Approved projects will be able to issue tokens and ICO contracts using highly flexible input parameters. CoinMetro will provide a dedicated support team to assist ICO Express clients.

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