GenesisPlayer: First Video Player To Reward Users

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GenesisPlayer is a video player used by blockchain projects, that rewards viewers for their attention with tokens directly through the player. The tool, which can be easily embedded across the web is very successful at reaching a crypto enthusiast community, building brand awareness and capturing user data. With close to 100k existing user accounts, crypto enthusiasts and investors can learn about new projects by watching promotional videos.

GenesisPlayer users can earn between $3 and $5 each view, from an airdrop completed directly through the player. These videos are syndicated across the web and available on There is a total of $400k worth of tokens available in total from over 10 promising projects.

Attention-Based Platform
for Video Rewards

As a user of the Verasity (GenesisPlayer) Rewarded Video Player Wallet builds rewards from different publishers at different stages of redemption, the value of the rewards increase and users will return more and more often.

Over time this will substantially increase as will the stickiness for the user as well as for the publishers that are part of the Verasity (GenesisPlayer) Reward Program. Further, similar to programs like Miles & More, publishers will aggregate awards for groups of publishers that are similarly minded.

The VRA Ecosystem

Within the Verasity (GenesisPlayer) economy, Broadcasters, Publishers, video content Creators, Viewers, Advertisers and Brands interact directly with one another. All transactions are powered by VRA and therefore they are fast, secure and efficient. There is no need for intermediaries.

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