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Darico DEC – A Ticket to Many Advantages

DEC is your ticket into Darico’s trading tools. Easy trading, investment and payment, with a diverse range of products giving an improved and uncomplicated experience of trading. Empowering traders worldwide.

Shareholding Opportunity

Holders of DEC can buy DECS (Darico Ecosystem Community Shares) in the exchange and be shareholders of Darico Ecosystem, giving them shareholding rights and the ability to trade it in the platform itself.

Fee Discount

Paying for trading fees (with discount advantages).

MT5 Lower Fees

DEC holders will be entitled to Institutional spreads on MT5 and lower fees in the Crypto Exchange.

Easy Deposit

Depositing successfully DEC into the trading accounts, traders will be receiving on their trading account a bonus at the rate 1 DEC = 1$ and trade 1000+ financial assets

DECS tokens are security tokens that give its holders a share of the Darico Ecosystem. Holders of DECS hold similar shareholding rights as in conventional finance. On a frequent basis, DECS holders will receive payouts in the form of dividends that are generated through the operational activities of Darico.

High Commissions Up To 70% & Daily Payouts in BTC

Register in Darico’s Platform and get your referral link. Invite friends & clients and use all the marketing material at your disposal to spread awareness. Get up to 70% commission in rewards, paid instantly in Cryptocurrencies.

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