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Exiciting network mining with KELTA mobile App. No previous experience with cryptocurrency mining is required.

Start crypto mining, activate your passive income today!

It’s easy. Your computing power is already set up and running. All you need to do is set up your account and you are ready to start farming your coins.

KELTA is a project that uses a token system. We are operating with utility tokens, in compliance with international financial regulations. Our token system is very simple! So let me briefly explain to you how EASILY it works.

True leaders see opportunities first.

Conquer the Cryptocurrency universe with KELTA and cut your own growing piece of cake. Learn more in this short video introduction.

Through the app on smartphone, tablet or computer all KELTA token holders are able to access, check and reset their own selected computing power, which is set in KELTA data center.

You can easily manage your account and mining setup. You can also access this most effective Crypto mining tool from every corner of the world, even while being on the move.

Every Monday is a payout day, when you get the opportunity to either sell your tokens or invest your profit into bigger computing power.

Every token holder has access to unique electronical wallet. The KELTA app comes especially handy if you prefer to use Cryptocurrency ATMs.

The application is available on the Apple Store and Google Play, with 10000+ downloads, and 4,7 rating. KELTA is part of Blockchain and operates within.

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