Ledger Nano X – Keep your crypto secure, everywhere.


Ledger Nano X, a Bluetooth® enabled secure device that stores your private keys. Make sure all your crypto assets are safe, wherever you go.

Protect your crypto assets anywhere you go with Ledger Nano X, the most advanced hardware wallet yet.

Extensive Capacity

Install up to 100 applications on your Ledger Wallet among our list of compatible apps, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin and many more.

Manage your crypto

Check your balance, send and receive for 22 coins directly with the Ledger Live app. You can manage 55 other assets using external wallets.

State-of-the-art Security

Leave your fear of hacks behind, your private keys are stored in a certified secure chip, the same chip used in credit cards or passports.

Your private keys are safely isolated inside the device’s certified secure element (CC EAL5+). Likewise the same chip used in highly secure applications such as credit cards and passports.

Easy backup

Lost your device? Your crypto assets stay safe! To clarify simply use the 24-word recovery phrase, provided during the initialisation of your device, to restore your accounts on any Ledger device. Most importantly, your accounts can be restored on any Ledger device, using a confidential 24-word recovery phrase.


We designed the Ledger Nano X to be as intuitive as possible: 2 buttons, 1 screen, that’s all you need to control your device. Easily manage your transactions from your smartphone or computer with our Ledger Live PC & Mobile apps.


The Ledger Nano X = bluetooth® enabled. Connect it to your smartphone with Ledger Live Mobile app and safely transact anywhere. End-to-end encrypted Bluetooth communications to protect against any security threat.


The Ledger Nano X can store up to 100 applications at the same time, for instance: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar and many more. To sum up, manage all your assets on the same device, at the same time.

Ledger Live

Connect your Ledger Wallet to the Ledger Live Mobile app to set up your device and manage supported assets anywhere you go.

Check out the older version of Ledger Wallet – Ledger Nano S.

New! Nano X – 5 years limited edition – To The Moon Edition

Bringing security & innovation to the crypto sphere! This is how Ledger’s story started. In short just 5 years ago, 8 explorers from different origins, stood together with one common goal.

To celebrate 5 years of security and crypto innovation! Protect your crypto everywhere with the exclusive Ledger Nano X edition.

Ledger Nano X - To The Moon Edition
Ledger Nano X – To The Moon Edition

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