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TokenBooster is a Crypto Platform that enables blockchain-based projects to reach a community of crypto enthusiast that endorse the projects by supporting its diffusion and development in exchange of an amount of the project’s tokens.

A Space Project is any blockchain-based project that wishes to extend its community and enhance its brand awareness. It could either be an EXCHANGE, a pre ICO, ICO or post ICO project.

About TokenBooster

TokenBooster is the ultimate space hub where you can find the most interesting Crypto Projects and earn from them. A decentralized bounty platform enabling anyone to manage bounty programs, i.e. space project (referral programs, follows, translation, content creation etc.), and space bounty seekers to receive rewards for completing these missions.

How it Works

Getting rewards is quite simple: all you have to do is register on TokenBooster and check which space projects are active. Once you’ve found the space project you prefer, complete the missions required and you’ll get your rewards!

Open Space Projects:

Want to create a Bounty for your project? Check out our Bounties section and find the right platform for it.

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