WeStart – Safe, Simple & Secure KYC for your TGE

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Join WeStart to be verified for token sales and airdrops with our certified KYC process. Browse Token Generation Events and Discover the latest Token Sales and Airdrops. 

Safe, Simple, Secure KYC for Token Generation Events

Get On The Whitelist, Submit your KYC application to be whitelisted for every token project with just one click.

Register once. Whitelist anywhere.

WeStart is a safe, simple, secure KYC platform to enable token sale contributors across every project. Users of WeStart can register for KYC once and whitelist across multiple token projects. For launching token projects, we work together to process KYC AML for your project.

Powerful Pooling Management

SmartPool is a platform that makes pool management and WeStart KYC/AML compliance easier than ever for token generation events.

Built for pool administrators, our SmartPool Manager dashboard lets you create a new pool, open a whitelist in a few clicks, and easily invite and manage members.

Management of projects is so much simpler with SmartPool. Only few clicks are needed to create your own project inside your pool. Then, your pool members will be able to join and get whitelisted in a matter of minutes.

While anyone can join a private pool, members have to be confirmed by moderators and administrators to participate.

Every member of your pool goes through our WeStart KYC/AML verification process. Once approved, that member is whitelisted and is in full compliance with KYC/AML directives.

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