Whalesburg – The Profit-Switching Ethereum Pool


How to Become a Whalesburg Friend?

  1. Enter your contact information and ETH wallet to get a referral code and link
  2. Share the referral code with your friends and earn more together
  3. Go to your Stats page and discuss the profit with another Whalesburg friends

What is Whalesburg Token or WBT?

Whalesburg Token (WBT) is ERC-20 utility token released by Whalesburg Mining platform. WBT is a tool that not only brings you to the next level of mining profitability, but itself is a tradable token. Also its an effective marketing way to gamify a product and build a strong community.

Why do I need WBT tokens?

Holding WBT can bring you to the next level in terms of mining profitability. You can increase your share price and thus your overall profit by holding enough tokens to upgrade to the next tier.

Can I mine without WBT?

Yes, you can still mine without holding WBT and stay at the STANDART tier. We decided to keep this tier in order to allow quick onboarding for new miners. We understand that as a new miner you might want to test the pool first without any obligations. Think of it as a test drive.

Once you have finished your test drive and want to stay with us (we bet you will), you will likely want to get the most out of our pool and increase your profitability by moving to the next tier up.

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