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Customized Airdrops

Every project has different needs. At AirdropAlert we understand what this market is all about. Apply for a customised multi week or month plan to reach your targets.

Use our airdrop experience to the benefit of your campaign.
Don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

User Dashboard

AirdropAlert users can log in to their dashboard and track their joined airdrops. Featured airdrops are highlighted with a ‘’Featured’’ label.

Users can interact with your airdrop in several ways by upvoting, commenting and sharing it easily with their friends.

Verified Airdrop Label

How to be a verified Airdrop:

The online safety of our users is our highest priority. For full transparency you can download our policy to make sure your airdrop passes the approval of AirdropAlert due diligence team.

Make sure your airdrop gets the verified label. Read our listing policy below on how to get your airdrop verified by Airdrop Alert.

AirdropAlert holds a strong reputation with former clients. Our client relations, service and customer support is what sets us apart from other platforms.

About AirdropAlert

AirdropAlert launched June 2017 to create awareness to the crypto community about the existence of airdrops. We believe majority of crypto fanatics are not aware of the concept of airdrops and how to claim it. With the rapid growth of airdrops, visitors and subscribers we quickly expended to a team of 15.

Our vision is to create a way for ICO’s to get exposure and build a community by giving free coins to individuals. We actively approach ICO’s to do airdrops and list them on We work to establish a trend that other ICO’s will follow to create more opportunities for individuals to collect free airdrops.

Go Pro – Automated Airdrops in your wallet

Register with our pro plan to auto receive crypto airdrops in your wallet. A minimum of 4 airdrops per month will be airdropped to you. With well known projects and new upcoming tokens in your wallet, you can sit back and watch the market develop over the next couple of years.

AirdropAlert receives tokens from many blockchain projects as a referral bonus for sending users to their airdrop. We’re giving these tokens to our subscribers. The ERC20 tokens will be distributed amongst our Pro-Subscribers! You can earn Ethereum by referring your friends to our pro-plan!

Want to create a Bounty for your project? Check out our Bounties section and find the right platform for it.

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