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Crypterium “Emerging 50 Rising Stars” in Fintech by KPMG and H2 Ventures

Spend your digital assets with the same ease as cash and payment cards

No more complicated wallet addresses, no more waiting time for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain. With Crypterium, you can transfer money instantaneously.

Recipients don’t even have to have wallets – we’ll generate one automatically and send them an SMS with a link to get their money with some very clear instructions. Send assets to your mom, your friends or give it as a birthday present.

Of course, you still can send money using the recipient’s wallet address.
Our wallet also allows you to exchange your currencies at best rates, safely store your holdings, and track the price movements on the go.

Bank transfers – Transfer money across the globe in seconds

Your mobile pocket-sized cryptobank is with you whenever you need it. Link digital money with traditional finances. Crypterium lets you send money directly to traditional bank accounts. Or pay bills with digital assets. We save you from the exchange hassle.

Easily buy and exchange digital assets at the best market rates

Save you time and money. Let’s face it, until now, digital assets have not been easy to use, even for the most experienced users. Buying, exchanging and even worse spending, has been a bit of a pain.

Everything was so complicated, time consuming and expensive, as much as 25% is extreme cases, and even then people never felt 100% secure with risks at every stage of the process.

Crypterium is banishing this to the past. Using our app you can send money to practically any bank account; your own, your friends, your clients, your bills. You send digital assets, the account receives traditional money.

Enjoy bank level security

Send money directly to any bank account. Pay bills with digital money. No more exchange hassle. Best rates, lowest fees.

Use your funds to pay for everyday services and goods. Top up your phone in over 100 countries. Digital assets are no different from traditional money. Now you can use it to replenish your mobile phone balance in over 100 countries. No matter where you are the top-up will be credited instantly.

Get Skype, Viber and Steam vouchers

Need to refill your messaging app account? Or maybe you want to expand your gaming library? Сrypterium lets you refill Skype, Viber and Steam credits in under a minute. This is just the start and many more are on the way.

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