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Beaxy is designed to put the user first, and give you maximum power at your fingertips.

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Beaxy aims to create the ultimate all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange, with more tools at your disposal than ever before, and a user experience that is unmatched. Lifetime referral rewards, coin staking, loyalty program, instant FIAT deposits, 24/7 customer support, robust charting tools on exchange, mobile app functionality with custom alerts, unique trading pairs, 4 layers of security architecture, and enhanced transaction throughput are just some of the ways we stand out from other platforms and offer you the best possible trading experience.

Exchange Architecture

  • Built for long term scaling.
  • Isolated services to mitigate demand spikes.
  • Automated scaling and resource balancing.


  • High throughput and low latency database performance.
  • Capable of handling hundreds of thousands of tx/s with less than 1ms of latency.

Beaxy Security

  • Automated IP whitelisting.
  • Will meet PCI-DSS and ENISA security standards.
  • Confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information are our main concerns.

Loyalty Program

  • Holding PLS on our platform will reward users with up to 25% of trade fees collected.
  • Exchanging BXY for PLS is optional, and is locked for periods of time set by the user. Program rewards never reduce or expire.

Membership Program

  • Receive discounted trading fees by locking your BXY tokens.
  • Multi-tiered system with increasing discounts the more you lock.

Beaxy Referral Program

  • Receive 25% of transaction fees from referred accounts for the first 3 months, receive 10% for the lifetime of those accounts thereafter.
  • Referred users receive 2 month Platinum level membership (20% fee discount).

Discounting Trading Fees

  • Users will receive a 50% discount on trading fees by using BXY tokens.
  • Feature will work in conjunction with membership program.

Beaxy 24/7 Support

  • 24 hour response time or less.
  • Live chat.
  • Global coverage with multi-language support.

Customizable Interface

  • Scrolling ticker settings for: speed, favorite pairs, visibility.
  • Night and Day modes for around-the-clock traders.
  • A variety of charting color options.

Beaxy has partnered with a renowned cyber-security firm to fully audit our exchange. Features like, automatic sweeping, phishing prevention, 2FA, IP whitelisting, and more are part of our mission to deliver a powerful secure platform to our users.

Beaxy will offer 24/7 customer support. We are completely dedicated to changing the way customer support works in the crypto space, for the better. Customer service isn’t important until you need it and we intend to offer a never before seen level of customer support within crypto, when you need it.

Beaxy is an all in one cryptocurrency exchange, bringing the best tools and features found within traditional markets – advanced order types, portfolio management, unmatched speed, and more – to crypto trading for the first time ever.

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