Blockium FREE Tournaments: The World’s Rising Social Trading Network


Blockium is a social tournaments application that creates the next generation of peer-to-peer trading. 

A stock market simulator that combines trading & gaming. Using a unique system, people compete in live tournaments and win cash prizes!

Financial Gaming With Crypto, Stocks & FX

Join thousands who’ve already discovered an even more beneficial world of investing, by trading stocks, crypto & FX directly against other people and making big daily profits.

Introducing Blockium

Blockium is a financial gamification platform using smart P2P technology to offer trading competitions on stocks, crypto, FX, and indices from the top global exchanges. The application creates an innovative opportunity for traders to execute financial skills with friends and strangers, and make large daily profits. 

Receive Dividends

Blockium provides the BOK holders with a permanent gateway to the platform profit model.

By freezing the BOK tokens, platform holders will join the pool which provides them with weekly dividends in BOK on the basis of their weekly relative portion – the stake – in the pool. 

The more BOK that you hold, the more money you stand to make from the dividends. The dividends will be payed in BOK which will also increase your BOK balance for future dividends calculations (unless you withdraw some of it). You can also obtain more BOK by purchasing it on the exchanges and depositing it in your Blockium account.

Challenge Your Friends

Set the markets and the rules. Invite your friends to a private trading competition with money prizes. 

Dominate the Leaderboards

Reach the top of the leaderboards and collect a weekly salary, straight to
your money balance.

Explore markets

Learn and join Blockium financial gaming revolution. Explore an ever expanding variety of stocks & and cryptocurrencies and implement trading strategies directly against other traders.

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